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  • Why is the shipping charge so high?
    Shipping gets calculated at checkout and will reflect the FedEx quote for the weight of the products. There may be times that shipping is inaccurate and if this is the case, please reach out via email at Make sure to reference your order number and the shipping amount that you have been charged. If it for some reason is off after it has been examined, a refund will be given to adjust the amount to the proper shipping cost.
  • How is shipping calculated?
    Shipping is based on the weight of the product. Therefore the heavier the item, the more expensive shipping might be, the lighter the item, the shipping may be less expensive. Location can have a factor into the shipping as well, depending on how far it is.
  • What brands does United Finishes carry?
    United Finishes carries some of the best products around. The brands we can are as follows: - General Finishes - SurfPrep - Tritech - Wooster - Shurtape - Apollo - Pretty Boy - Big Kid Block
  • How can I get products from United Finishes?
    United Finishes offers both in-store shopping and online shopping. This makes it much more convenient to be able to purchase our products. If you are looking to shop in-store, United Finishes is located at 245 Old Egg Harbor Road, West Berlin, NJ 08091.
  • Do you accept returns?
    Our full return policy is located on the shipping page. For most products, the return must happen within 30 days of the purchase and it must be unused and unopened. Proof of damage or defects if applicable are needed in order to process the return as well. The expenses for shipping a return are the customers responsibility to pay and when the refund is granted, the amount will reflect only the item amount, not the shipping on the original order.
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